Rosalind Medea is an Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Life Coach and Counsellor, offering readings on all aspects of life including Twin Soul/Twin Flame relationship guidance. 

I have years of experience working as an intuitive reader, spiritual life coach and counsellor, providing non-judgmental advice to clients worldwide. I also help you discover the truth of that which you encounter in life by making you aware of your own truth, your inner truth.

I’m also a writer and you can find me sharing articles here that support your spiritual development, as well as weekly reflections. I also write fiction and recently published, Tarot Tales: The Major Arcana, the first in a five-book series which Tarot Tales: The Major Arcana which spans 78 tarot cards, 78 short stories, five places in the world, and follows the intertwined lives of the main protagonists.

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