Rosalind Medea is an Intuitive Reader and Healer. I offer Intuitive Readings, Tarot Readings, Spiritual Life Coaching, Relationships Counselling including Twin Soul/Twin Flame Guidance, and Energy Healing.

As we walk in this physical world, there comes a time in each of our lives when we become aware of the need to drop the façade that we’ve been fronting all this time and hiding behind, in order to walk our truth. 

I help you become attuned to your inner being – otherwise known as your true self, higher self or intuition – that is the real you, so that you can manifest the life that is your birthright.

Getting to know who you truly are is a fulfilling and rewarding journey. That said, it is not without its challenges and just like life itself, there are ups and downs, which is all part of the natural balance.

I provide a space for my clients to feel supported as they become aware of their true nature and develop the relationship with their true self, and for those who have twin souls, I also help them get to know the other half of their soul by helping them to get to know their own half of that very same soul. 

I have years of experience working as an intuitive reader, providing non-judgmental advice to clients worldwide. I also work with clients on energy work, including chakra clearing and healing.

I am also a writer so you can find me sharing wisdom and knowledge through numerous outlets, including articles on sustainable lifestyle and green living at Life & Soul Magazine. I also blog on this website writing articles on everything from Daily Tarot, Daily I-Ching, the wisdom of magickal beings, and one of my passions – music.

Having created my own divinatory series, Tune of the Day, this is an opportunity for me to showcase some of the artistic talent that graces or has graced this planet and to share some of their wisdom.