Welcome to the website of Rosalind Medea, where you can connect with me for intuitive readings, tarot, and spiritual life coaching, covering all areas of life – love, career, relationships, finances and wellbeing.
I also offer Twin Soul/Twin Flame guidance, and Energy Healing including chakra clearing.


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Rosalind Medea is an Intuitive Reader and Healer. She does Intuitive Readings, Tarot Readings, Spiritual Life Coaching, Relationships Counselling including Twin Soul/Twin Flame Guidance, and Energy Healing.

I have years of experience working as an intuitive reader, providing non-judgmental advice to clients worldwide. I also work with clients on energy work, including chakra clearing and healing.

I help people become attuned to their source – their inner being, higher self or true self. When one is attuned to one’s true self, no matter what is going on in and around their lives – whether the situation be good, bad or indifferent – one can handle such situations from a place of inner strength, inner peace, inner truth, and inner knowing.

I provide a space for people to feel comfortable in themselves as they become aware of their true nature and support them in their desire to manifest the life that is their birthright.

Nurturing and supporting a person’s development come’s very natural to me, and when I’m not assisting via one-to-one readings, you can find me sharing words of wisdom and teachings through my writings on the blog here, and at Life & Soul Magazine.

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Tune of the Day for Tuesday 10 December 2019: Body Needs Healing by Yazmin Lacey

Yazmin Lacey’s Body Needs Healing is a reminder to pay attention to your physical body to determine what it requires to stay nourished and replenished, and to maintain its wellbeing. Healing is a necessary process for the physical body. Eating the right foods for you; sleep; positive thinking; taking some downtime, physical exercise such as walking, … Continue reading Tune of the Day for Tuesday 10 December 2019: Body Needs Healing by Yazmin Lacey

Tarot Guidance for Tuesday 10 December 2019: 10 of Wands

Things, people or situations may demand your attention today as the 10 of Wands indicates. What this is showing is that perhaps you have taken on too many responsibilities or put energy behind those things that do not resonate with you on any level. Now is the time to begin working with your intuition to … Continue reading Tarot Guidance for Tuesday 10 December 2019: 10 of Wands

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Good read she helps you understand how to work through, thank you for your insight. Will call again.


Awesome reader!!!!! Very gifted and helpful! Many thanks!!!