Welcome! I am Rosalind Medea, an Intuitive Reader and Counsellor. This website is where you can connect with me for intuitive readings, counselling, and spiritual life coaching services covering all areas of life – love, career, relationships, finances and wellbeing. I also offer Twin Soul/Twin Flame guidance, and Energy Healing including chakra clearing.


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Rosalind Medea is an Intuitive Reader and Counsellor, offering readings on all aspects of life including Twin Soul/Twin Flame relationship guidance. 

I have years of experience working as an intuitive reader and counsellor, providing non-judgmental advice to clients worldwide.

I work with clients from all walks of life each at different stages in their spiritual journey – from those who are taking their first steps along the path of self-awareness, those who need help in identifying and removing blocks and obstacles that stand in the way of manifesting their heart’s desires, through to those who need assistance in maintaining their Twin Soul relationship.

I am also a writer, so you can find me sharing wisdom and knowledge via the blog on this website, offering daily guidance through the Tune of the Day, Daily Tarot and Daily I-Ching series, as well as articles to support your spiritual  journey.

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Daily I Ching for friday 17 September 2021: Hsu (Waiting), Hexagram 5

Hsu (Waiting), Hexagram 5 – Hsu (Waiting) emphasises the importance of patience. Now is not the time for taking action other than simply being and allowing nature to take its course. With any period of waiting, patience is always key and it is a requirement that one must learn in life, no matter how challenging it can … Continue reading Daily I Ching for friday 17 September 2021: Hsu (Waiting), Hexagram 5

Tarot Guidance for friday 17 September 2021: Ace of Pentacles

A new idea or opportunity that will boost your finances and career is being presented as the Ace of Pentacles suggests. You may hear back about a job or a contract, or it may be that you are branching out and setting up your own business. Either way these opportunities will prove fruitful and lucrative … Continue reading Tarot Guidance for friday 17 September 2021: Ace of Pentacles

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Awesome reader!!!!! Very gifted and helpful! Many thanks!!!


Good read she helps you understand how to work through, thank you for your insight. Will call again.