Twin Soul/Twin Flame Guidance

Twin Souls are two halves of the same Soul. A Twin Soul relationship is a sacred union between the two halves of the same Soul – Soul-to-Soul.

When you meet your Twin Soul in the physical it is an indication that you must now begin the work on cultivating the relationship with your Soul. The relationship that you have with your own Soul is the most important relationship in your life.

If you have met your Twin Soul in the physical or you have become aware that you have a Twin Soul, then this is where your spiritual journey begins. It starts with you getting to know your true self, your Soul or higher self or inner being.

Having a relationship with your Twin Soul requires you to have a relationship with your true self. This can be challenging as it requires one to look at one’s self and remove everything in their life that does not belong to their true self or is not a reflection of their true self.

In order to have the relationship you desire with your Twin Soul and to make it work, you must have a good relationship with your own Soul, first and foremost.

I work with clients who are at different stages in their journey – from those who have just become aware that they have a Twin Soul, those who are working on manifesting their relationship into the physical to those who are already in Twin Soul relationships and require guidance on maintaining their relationship.

In addition, I also work with those in relationships with karmic bonds, helping them to understand the nature of their relationship, how to proceed with their relationship and how to maintain their relationship. I also offer guidance on soulmates.

If you need guidance on relationships, please contact me on (001) 347 768 8402 or email me.

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