Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Edutainments is the key to opening the door to the knowledge within you

I was listening to a song by Leon Thomas called “Balance of Life (Peace of Mind)” and it triggered an awareness of balance that strongly resonated with me. That which is most pertinent and meaningful to each of us is that which comes from within. Which brings me to the purpose of knowledge and information that is presented to us via songs, fiction books, comics, graphic novels, movies, TV shows, magazines, newspapers, art or any other source is not so much about taking it as chapter and verse, but is designed to trigger your awareness of the knowledge within you and what you need to take away from it. It is your higher mind’s awareness of what you’re reading, listening to or watching that hones in on a subject matter and gives you the answers you seek, whether you’re consciously seeking or not. Entertainments or edutainments as I love to call it is a tool to acquire knowledge, wisdom and is a source not only of information but inspiration too. The latter part being the key for you to open the door to the knowledge that already exists within you.

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