Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Return to Sender

I often get asked by clients dealing with various people in and around their lives, family members and/or co-workers especially, as to:  “when will they stop putting that negativity out?” or “why are they doing it?”. The not so good news is they will likely never stop putting that energy out, and they are doing it intentionally with negative intent. This is a hard truth for many to swallow. Nobody is responsible for what others think of them nor should they care what they think either. However, there is something you can do about the negativity that comes your way from them, and this is the good news, return whatever they send out back to them. Giving ill wishers a taste of their own medicine requires no emotions nor feelings, just your everyday, all-day zen. You can take care of that energy by using visualisation techniques or grab yourself a red jasper stone and charge it to return all negativity back to its source. So next time you sense that funk that followed you around as a child like a bad smell, give it the heave-ho and return the energy back to the mofo that’s sending it out. And as for that colleague that smiles at you whenever you walk into the room and laughs at all of your jokes but badmouths you to others, return to sender will also take care of them too. 

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