Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Facts

Facts are synonymous with the truth. Yet when we open up a newspaper, do research on the net, watch the news, read a school textbook, or look at a food label, how much information that is being presented to us is based on facts? And how do we know whether that information is reliable or not? Our inner being’s discernment and discrimination, as with everything and anything we encounter, is required since it is our truth detector. Information that we deal with in our daily lives, that comes from a source outside of ourselves, is either one of three things: based on facts, based on lies, or is bending the facts. Then there are those times, like the marketing of products, where a fact is presented in an ambiguous manner. I give an example, I was looking for an alternative dry cat food to the one I usually buy as the stores were out of stock. I discovered a brand that was claiming their kibble, with a visible large stamp on the packet, to be “87% animal protein”. But on closer inspection of the ingredients on the back of the packet, what it actually meant was that of its total protein content, which turned out to be under 50%, 87% of it was animal protein. On the other hand, the kibble that I usually buy presents their information as “90% chicken, 0% nonsense”. One is giving me facts upfront, the other is giving me a fact but not the whole picture upfront. The high protein content was what I was looking for. Had I not questioned the sticker on the front packet and based my decision on some of the facts and not all of the facts, I would have ended up with a product that came up short on the protein count. We may be presented with information, but it is always our inner beings that determine the validity of such information. And how do we both challenge and change the level of disinformation that is out there? By valuing our own truth and knowing that the most valuable and reliable source of information of all actually resides within us, where we have access to all the knowledge that we require from moment-to- moment. All that is required is to seek from within, and you will find.


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