Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Born free, Live free

We enter into this world with our freedom, we exit the world with our freedom, and everything in between our arrival and our departure, our freedom is always intact. Throughout our lifetime, we do have responsibilities and obligations – for example, studying, running a business, fulfilling our purpose, having children, paying for services, etc – however they are never at the cost of our freedom. And this is a fact we must always remember as we navigate our daily lives. As Divine Beings, we are in control of our lives, and as long we are in control of our lives, then we retain our freedom or personal power, however in which way you want to look at it. This is a fact we must always be aware of in our dealings with anyone or anything – whether it’s institutions, so called “establishments”, family or friends. From a place of freedom, we have carte blanche over what we can do and achieve with our lives. As Divine Beings we abide by one rule, and that one rule is “serving a greater good”. That rule nurtures our freedom, enabling us to serve a greater good with unlimited possibilities. If you find yourself dealing with limitations, whether self-imposed or whether an institution is preaching their gospel at you, then perhaps take a breather and remind yourself of the perception of freedom from the viewpoint of your inner being. 


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