Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: The Unseen

I wanted to expand on a subject matter that I started earlier with the Tune of the Day series. The track that was brought to my attention was called The Unseen by The Abstract Eye. The planet that we inhabit is a spiritual and magickal being and so by viewing the planet as such we are able to see beyond the planet’s physicality. In order to view the planet in this way however, we must first and foremost accept this truth about ourselves. Once we do that, we open ourselves to viewing the world through our inner being’s eyes and we find that what we have been viewing up to this point, through the physical eyes, is miniscule to say the least but more to the point is so often far from the truth. Because there’s a lot more going on and a lot more players than one can see with the physical eye. Through this expanded vision, discernment and discrimination – which is as natural to our inner beings as breathing is – comes into play and we then have an accurate read on everything and everyone that we find ourselves encountering. This includes being able to be aware of a person’s energy and true intentions, and whether what we are dealing with is an illusion or not. The knowledge of what needs to be done in each situation also kicks on. Our inner beings’ awareness of the unseen is also what warns us of what’s coming and what we need to do to defend ourselves before it gets close. Granted, you may not always like what you see, however, this is what “living in the light” truthfully means and is what keeps one ahead of the game rather than falling victim to the fakery and f++kery of those with ill intent. It’s also what makes you aware of who and what does belong in your life.


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