Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Easy v. Complex

Potion making is an essential part of our everyday lives – everything from making a meal, fixing a drink, adding essential oils to a base oil to apply to hair, to name but a few examples. My latest venture into potion making involves tea. I have a cupboard full of different teas and so I decided to experiment with various teabags to make my own wellbeing blends and infusions. I have to say I’ve discovered some pretty awesome blends in the process – rooibos with green tea and lemon; ginger, green tea, and spearmint. Given that tea is medicinal, each of these blends provide something that the body requires for optimum health. One of the first things that Hedge Witchery and Kitchen Witchery teaches is to make use of what you have at home in your kitchen already. Using teabags in this way is easy, effortless and a no-brainer, and the results are often better than one may imagine. Potion making can be as elaborate and complex as you want it to be or as easy-peasy and fun as you want it to be. Years ago, I would make these elaborate and complex dishes from recipes that called for numerous ingredients, many of which were not easy to find in a regular supermarket. Although the meal was tasty, the energy required to make it, prepare it and shop for it was a lot. Nowadays such recipes do not even make it onto my radar. If we find ourselves dealing with complexities in life (like recipes with faffy ingredients lists), just as we chose to deal with them in the first place, we can just as easily let them go. In doing so, we open the door to a natural way of doing things that also happens to be easy and effective, while producing the results that you require within a short timeframe.


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