Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: To do or to know – that is the question

As I sat down to write this week’s post, I became aware of a block that has attempted to impede progress not just in writing these weekly posts but in every aspect of life. A “need to know”. But that needing to know is not coming from within me. Some call it “planning” but what that really is is the enquiring enemy wanting to know your every move ahead of time so it can put the brakes on what you’re attempting to do or create in your life. I was made aware from my higher mind that there is a need to do, while the knowing comes in the act of doing which means nothing gets to f++k with what you’re creating. I have found that everytime I write, whether it is an article or a piece of creative writing, it flows when I am simply going with the flow. That is, when I put pen to paper and write, or fingers to keys and type. Recently, I woke up with an idea for a short story. What I was given by my higher mind was not the whole story but enough to scribble down on paper – so the setting of the scene and that was it. The next day, I was in the shower and these “thoughts” came up around that short story. It was obviously crapola coming from outside of me attempting to get my attention with its lame ideas. This is what negative influences look like. I was made aware that all of those times previously when I had been in the shower and a “grand idea” had come up, it was never from my higher mind, who reminded me that taking a shower was one of the most inopportune times to start reeling off a storyline. Once again, it comes down to being mindful and in the moment. It is also about being ok with the guidance you’re getting in any given moment – no matter how big or small it maybe. And when it’s time to proceed to the next step, it will unfold, and it will keep unfolding until you have the full picture and then, once it’s complete, it’s time to move on to something else. And that is true not just for a storyteller writing a piece of creative writing, but for everyone in life navigating their everyday existence.


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