Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Being Mindful

Some weeks ago when it was snowing, I was reminded to go, do and be without rushing. It is impossible to be anything but mindful of one’s actions while navigating one’s steps in the snow. Being mindful is something that we need working for us at all times, because honestly, being mindful is about being true self-aware, both consciously aware and spiritually aware.  As I sat down to write this, I started to fidget with my glasses, taking them off and then putting them back on again. Then I got the internal awareness of: “what are you doing????”. I was made aware that instances of fidgeting were not an “old habit or pattern” but rather energies manipulating my energy field and that there was a solution for that, which was promptly taken care of with a “f++k you” and a return to sender. I was reminded of a statement to make: “What I am doing, this is a reflection of my true self”. The process of making that statement means that you are actively engaging with your true self and being mindful, therefore less likely to go down the route of mindlessness. And the more you do that, being mindful then becomes a most natural and normal way of being for you.


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