Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Persistency & Consistency

I have an app on my phone which enables me to practise my languages skills. I recently past the 800-day mark, where the app did its interactive shindig in celebration. I was alerted by my higher mind to honour the progress that I made and did so with gratitude and a celebratory mug of hot chocolate. Those things that belong to our inner beings should be an everyday part of our lives. What always gets us to where we need to be with everything in life is persistency and consistency. And that is true for everyone. We never stop learning and growing, and the way we evolve, develop and grow is by being persistent and consistent in our efforts, all of our efforts. Let’s take practising languages for instance. One day it may look like practising sentences via an interactive app. On another day, it maybe watching a movie with both the audio and subtitles in that same language. Next week, it maybe reading a graphic novel in that chosen language. In the near future, it maybe writing a story in that language. And sometime after that, it maybe revisiting the app again for practising grammar. How you build on those language skills daily is up to your inner being in that moment, but what is most important is that you take action daily. Truthfully, that really is how you become the best that you can be in whatever it is you’re doing or attempting to achieve. And remember to honour the progress that you make since as a form of gratitude, honouring your abilities enables you to extend your capabilities far and wide and to be successful in all your endeavours.


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