Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Dealing with Challenges

Whether you’ve taken that first step into self-employment or freelance or whether you’ve embarked on a particular project that is very much aligned with your purpose, do not be alarmed if other things around you start to come with challenges or go awry even. That be the enemy up in arms that you dare walk your path with purpose and emanate joy in the process. Those challenges may leave you questioning what you’re doing and whether you should continue or not. And that process of questioning is designed to create doubt and to steer you away from your purpose. The joke is on the enemy as from the point when you consciously choose to honour your purpose, it comes with some serious energetic staying power that has the full backing of heart and soul. And so turning back is out of the question. Such times will attempt to test many things, especially your relationship with your true self. What is required here is complete trust in your true self, yourself, and to believe in exactly what you’re doing. Look within to find out what can be done spiritually and energetically to deal with the energies that intentionally throw blocks and obstacles on your path. Everything begins life on the spiritual, so if there’s something blocking your progress physically, then it has a spiritual root. Your true self has an arsenal of killer techniques to unleash on that energy from the spiritual in order to clear the path. It reminds me of the Nintendo handheld game Donkey Kong where Mario must jump barrels that Donkey Kong throws on his path in his efforts to rescue the girl that Donkey Kong has captured. The more barrels Mario jumps the stronger he gets and so the barrels come in thick and fast. In your world, persistency and consistency is key, as is your will and your desire, and just as in the Donkey Kong game, if you do slip, you do get to start again. And remember that what is unable to break you can only make you stronger.


2 responses to “Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Dealing with Challenges”

  1. The encouragement is appreciated, Medea.

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    1. You are welcome:)

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