Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Breadth

Bards are the broadcasters of knowledge. When they have something to say, there’s a plethora of outlets that they can and do use to convey their message – anything from song, prose, rhythms, beats, novels, movies, podcasts, TV shows, news, visuals and any other means of communications. A bard does not specialise in any one subject matter either – what matters most is that they are sharing wisdom. I say this because when I started my career in journalism, I wrote on numerous subject matters, none of which I ever felt the desire to specialise in. I also made sure that I experienced as many different technologies and outlets as possible – everything from radio, online, video production, and TV. Not because I wanted to be a broadcast journalist but because I wanted to learn everything that my inner being desired to learn. Each time I went for a job interview, at least one of the interview panel would point out “You have a very diverse CV, why do you want to work here?”. My response was: “I love writing, I can turn my hands to whatever subject matter I need to”. Not the “free spirited” response they were looking for however as it usually met with a frown. While organisations may fit things into boxes, it is not something that you should ever accept for yourself. Whatever you are good at and find yourself doing for a living, allow yourself to experience and to learn all that you can without limitations. While you may become known by people as someone who say writes “science fiction” for example, that does not mean you have to accept that for yourself. Musicians and authors are prolific users of pseudonyms and monikers. It’s what enables them to navigate the breadth of possibilities that their inner beings desire to explore and the various messages that they have to share. We all have these capabilities within us and possibilities available to us, we just have to be open to exploring our gifts and also receiving gifts in the process. Learn all that you can and be all that you can!


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