Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Contentment

Through accepting, acknowledging and embracing who you truly are, there is a full awareness of and experience of contentment. You are the one and only being that has the capacity and capability to make you content, because truthfully contentment comes from you being your true self all day long, every day. It is never dependent on anything or anyone external nor is it required to delve deep within to “find” contentment, because it’s right there the moment you choose your truth and every moment thereafter. From being your true self and the contentment that comes par of the course, you’re able to navigate the external world with the full awareness of what really counts without deviating from your purpose. You’ve likely heard that saying: “once you go [fill in the blank], you never go back”. That same expression can be applied to once you accept yourself, you never go back.


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