Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Follow Your Heart

I’ve watched a number of TV shows recently, many of them crime dramas where the two main characters, usually detectives, investigating the cases make a formidable team. They work well together, are good at solving problems, follow their hunches, have a good thing going, and they truly love each other, yet one of the pair (almost always the female) is in complete denial about the relationship with the male. She is usually the one that shys away and on numerous occasions when the relationship is about to transition and “move up a level” something in the plot occurs so it does not happen, and she ends up with the guy on the periphery who has been chasing her coattails all the while. Now this is a common plot in numerous TV shows, yet this also happens off-screen and in everyday lives. When souls come together, dancing around the relationship like that which we see on TV shows is never an issue. The reason it does not happen quite as it should is because one or both members of the party is allowing non-soul-based things such as the past, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and emotions into the mix. Being aware of the true nature of a soul-based relationship comes from one’s inner being and if one’s inner being is at the forefront of one’s life, there is nothing that can get in the way of that relationship manifesting physically because they’re discerning and discriminating. That said, all that you’re ever required to do in a soul-based relationship is to follow your heart and soul and to honour those choices. This is no different to any other relationship in your life whether it is with your career, your family or any other aspect of your life. Which means skirting around issues, so prevalent on TV shows, becomes obsolete and so a shift occurs in your life and most likely a new paradigm in storytelling too where the main characters can and do make their relationship in its truest form work.


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