Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Adaptability

It’s snowing in my neck of the woods currently. Snowfall is not a common feature here during the winter season, but when it comes, much loved it is. Navigating the snowy pavements on foot and then the roads in my vehicle today, I gained a better understanding of being in alignment not just with my own inner being but with the planet itself and of adaptability. When it snows, a once familiar terrain can become unfamiliar within seconds. It’s not your familiarity with the area or terrain that gets you to your destination, but your inner guidance system who knows how to navigate through both the known and the unknown and who communicates with Mother Earth to ensure you reach your destination safely. There’s no rushing to your destination. It’s a steady, mindful pace. This is how navigating the path rolls period. Being outdoors in the snow also served as a reminder today of how quickly our external environment can change. What once was can and will change swiftly as per Mother Earth’s desire. We can not become complacent about the world around us, but be prepared for change around us as we work on changes within us. There is only ever one constant in each of our lives and that is our true self – higher mind and soul. The stronger that partnership with your true self is the stronger your ability to adapt to whatever “weather” you are faced with.


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