Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Joy

For those who use tarot or oracle cards as a divination tool are likely familiar with that recurring card that comes up in readings. The card that has been showing up most often for me in readings lately is the Ace of Cups, which to my inner being represents joy. Joy is not an emotion, but just like inner peace is a state of being. It is an energy that uplifts and raises the vibrational level both within and around you. Just like when you hear a tune that communicates and vibrates with you on a soul level. It’s not an emotional “woop, woop” that you experience but a response to that surge in positive energy that may just push you off your seat to boogie, breakdance or whatever moves floats your boat at that point in time. Joy is a high vibrational energy that eradicates and destroys all negativity instantly and immediately and offers the gift of healing. Music, poetry, and the creative arts are outlets where the energy of joy can be expressed with ease, prolifically, and most potently. If you have been bestowed with the gift of artistic talents and abilities, then be sure to use them daily to share some much needed high vibrational energy with the planet, Mother Earth. And remember it’s not about perfection but participation, in other words that you practice those skills persistently and consistently and have fun with it because most importantly, if it puts a smile on your face then it most likely is going to raise a smile from Mother Earth rather than an eyebrow that is if you are not putting your talents to good use. Remember your purpose for being here 🙂


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