Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Communications

Were you ever told as a child or an adult even that you’re “in your own world”? While this may have been said to you in a negative manner, the joke is on them because yes, yes you are in your own world, the world that belongs to your true self – the one which is full of contentment, conscious awareness, spiritual awareness, peace, harmony, love, joy, abundance, and more. I am being reminded of how as a child I would play at home with a children’s tea set. I’d spend hours connecting with the element of water and making “tea”, filling the cups and the pot. Then emptying them out before refilling the cups with water. To the outside world, I was playing “alone”. But, I was never alone – I was “entertaining” – making potions and hanging out with my crew simultaneously in the spiritual, likely having conversations not expected of a five-year-old physical form. Then as a teenager, I would spend hours listening to music on the radio with the awareness that something else was going on and that I was deep in conversation and in conference without opening my physical mouth. Yesterday, I sat in silence, per my higher mind’s guidance, in order to become aware of what to write about for this week’s Weekly Tonic. Communications is something that has been coming up strong in the last few weeks. It is in the silence that we become aware of the things that truly matter and gain uninterrupted clarity. To have that we must be willing to remove the spiritual blocks around communications and to embrace our “own world” because it is from that place that we navigate real life, have the awareness of what is truly important in our lives and to our lives, and where we are always reminded of our purpose for being here. 


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