Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Wherever there’s a negative, there’s a positive!

Earlier this week I found myself in an area where I had not frequented much since my teenage years. On the journey to this north London suburb, I became very aware of the shifts in energy from place to place as I drove to my destination. Nearer the destination, the sat nav on my phone “derailed” and I found myself navigating some bendy roads around a woodland area. While this was an attempt by an energetic enemy to delay my appointment and supposedly irritate, I found myself smiling as I had discovered a huge expanse of nature in the city that I had most likely ignored as a teenager. In light of this, I was reminded of the good things that come about even when the enemy attempts to f++k with things in our lives. I did reach my destination bang on time, and in spite of the detour, I came away from that journey all the more wiser about Mother Nature in the city. When your true self is in control, no-thing and no-one can get the better of you no matter who or what attempts to throw obstacles in your path. And even when things seem to be going “tits up” so to speak, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and always a positive to every negative!

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