Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Making Change Happen

Happy Halloween/Samhain everyone! The night that the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thinnest also signifies New Year’s Eve to many including the Celts. Change, renewal, purification, endings and beginnings are just some of the words that come up in reference to what this time of year symbolises. Leading up to Samhain this year, I have been doing some home decorating – giving areas of my home a new lease of life thanks to a good lick of paint. We spend a majority of time in our homes and creating a sacred space where we can live and work is important. A well-maintained home is equally as important to our wellbeing as the health of our physical form. Up until recently, decorating was on a “to do list”. I am reminded as I write this that that “to do list” was not my higher mind’s, but belonged to the energy of “procrastination”. Decorating has made me aware of how such energies seep into our spaces uninvited. Have you ever questioned why there’s cracks in the wall or along the skirting boards? Or why there’s staining on the walls even though you have done nothing in your home to cause such? And have you ever wondered why some habits have been more challenging to break then others? Those sticky walls or cracks in the walls have a lot to do with it. Since becoming good mates with paint and plaster in recent days, I have seen the toll that energetic battles take on the physical and also how small and simple changes can make a huge difference to you, your energy, your space and to your loved ones. Many of us desire change in our lives, and the reason why that change has not been easy is because of resistance and that resistance is not necessarily coming from you. In the case of DIY or cleaning your home, there is a lot more going on than simply “decorating” or “tidying up” but you are effectively disrupting and destroying the very energy that attempts to block your forward momentum, and so creating a pathway that brings about change and facilitates flow in your life.


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