Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Self-respect

Nobody knows you as well as you know yourself. As you grow more consciously aware of yourself and the world around you, it may become more apparent how often those who interact with you do so based on their own opinions and judgements of you. I was made aware of this recently in my dealings with someone where I found myself justifying my actions to them. “Whoaaah, hold up, wait a minute…” I could feel my inner being proclaim. The person in question remarked about what I should be doing. It wasn’t what they said that was an issue, but rather my response to them. A programmed response that my higher mind quickly called time on with the awareness that not only was said response an example of giving away personal power but it was also disrespectful of self. I was then reminded of a friend of mine whose response to anyone that threw their opinion of him and his life in his face, was the exact same response as my mum’s in such situations, which was no response whatsoever. Respect starts with us knowing our true self and valuing our true self, and not giving away our personal power to anyone or anything outside of ourselves. While we may often face off with other people’s opinions and judgements of us – and note, it’s not always the a**holes who come bearing judgements but those we deal with regularly – what we have to remember here is self-respect and to not give a hoot. It is also a lesson that judgements and opinions never come from our inner beings and so if you find yourself doing this to someone else or something else remind yourself of who exactly is playing “judge” here and then let it go.


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