Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: It is so already

To say that we are showered with gifts all day long everyday is no exaggeration. Those gifts come from within us – whether it’s the gift of awareness, insight, inner peace or a story to tell – the gifts are numerous. We too manifest those gifts physically all day long everyday – sometimes they show up in the form of material objects, learning materials (including that box set you’re watching), a recipe for a meal that will give you the nutrition that you require for healing, or a short story that shares your awareness with the world around you. This is what it means to walk in both worlds and to live in the moment. If we are aware of something spiritually, then that is because it exists already. And given that it exists already spiritually and we walk in both worlds simultaneously, then it too should be physical, right? Yes, yes and yes. So rather than looking at the manifestation of the things we desire in life as something that is “coming” or “in the pipeline”, we need to approach it with the awareness that it is so already. By changing our own mindset, we speed up the manifestation of our desires and we too begin to see that the gifts that are constantly being bestowed upon us from within is what abundance truly is.


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