Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Trust

Trust is key to everything in life, and as with everything in life, trust starts with each and everyone of us. Trust is first and foremost an internal awareness of one’s true self. When you know your true self wholeheartedly, there is never any doubt nor uncertainty – there’s a knowing that what you are being guided to say, to do or rather not say or not do is the right thing. Everything is energy and therefore energy is always within us, around us and surrounds us. We learn to protect our energy by creating protective shields around ourselves and protecting what belongs to us. Even when we are shielded and protected to the max, that does not stop outside energy such as thought forms or the energy of ill wishers being sent in your direction. Knowing your true self means you are able to discern when it is a thought form that needs to be dealt with or if and when your shields need reinforcing. These are all things that your inner guidance system will make you aware of in the moment. As you learn to trust your true self in all aspects of your life, you will likely find your sense of paranoia heightens – and that is by no means meant in a negative nor emotional way such as fear, but in more of a discerning and discriminating “not everything is what it appears” kind-of-way. So if you get that nudge about someone you know or something, don’t be quick to disregard those warning signals from your inner being as “preposterous” or “silly”. Trust that what you know is the truth and to be true to that guidance by taking action based on such.


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