Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: All the Right Moves

Making a cup of coffee, are you aware of the number of moves that you go through to make that cup of Joe? Do you go through several motions to make that drink? Maybe you sit at a bar stool in the kitchen tapping your feet or shaking your leg while you wait for the coffee to brew, perhaps you lean over the table to put the radio on, or maybe you play with your hair in its ponytail. The reason I ask is because this week the word “extraneous” has popped up a few times. Many of the motions we go through say making a cup of coffee, for example, have nothing to do with said task nor what our inner being intended. Motions equal energy and if we are making moves that are not required then we are effectively wasting energy. Let’s look at martial arts – whether you practise a form of martial arts or you have admired watching martial artists in movies, you will note that every movement is of precision, carried out with purpose, and also happens to be graceful in the process too. As energetic beings we are incredibly energy efficient and great conservers of energy. That’s not to say we become robotic in our everyday existence, but rather, mindful of our motions and with the awareness that our every movement should serve a purpose. 


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