Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Blessings

Earlier this week, the silver cap on a crystal pendant that I wear broke. Jewellery is very personal and I knew it was not going to be in the hands of anyone else other than myself to fix, and so I was directed to a jewellery making website. Prior to this, beaded bracelets were the extent to which I had explored my jewellery-making skills. As I browsed the website, it was like a window opened from within and I became aware of the possibilities of what I could do and what I could make myself. It serves as a reminder that if we have clear visions of something we require in our magickal lives, that something isn’t always going to be found out there – often it requires us to sit down with raw materials and supplies, and begin crafting it ourselves with our very own hands from scratch bringing our energy and essence into the project from start to finish. When we are in the moment, we open the door to exploring any number of skills and talents that we have. While the cap breaking off the crystal pendant may have been a minor inconvenience, it too was a blessing because had that not happened, I may not have reacquainted myself with a crafts skill I already have until a much later date.


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