Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Taking action on signs

Are there signs that keep coming up for you? Whether it’s a specific tarot card, a particular plant that you notice when you are out and about, an animal that you are especially drawn to, or a number of people with similar issues that you find yourself dealing with through your work. There is something for us to learn from each of these things. If you choose to ignore these signs, then they will keep coming up until you pay them close attention and choose to be aware of the message that they bring you. Signs and symbols are a way for us to learn, grow and develop ourselves – to be aware of what we need in our lives, what we need to change/transform in our lives or what we need to let go of. I was presented an item of clothing last year in a specific colourway. I went around it and ended up with an item that had nothing to do with my true self. Today, that very same item was presented to me again. It follows an event earlier this week when I walked past a lady wearing silver-coloured shoes. She stood outside a restaurant peering at their menu that was displayed in the window. I looked down and noticed the metallic colour. The lady did not move from that position until I had seen what my higher mind needed me to see and to be aware of. Having spiritually removed blocks and obstacles or triggers (and in a different place today in my relationship with my true self then when silver shoes were first presented), I purchased “the damn thing already”. Silver is magickally associated with a specific type of protection that I require in my life. Now if it was just about the colour, I could have easily purchased a piece of jewellery. However, there was more to it then just the colour. And so, symbolically, if every step I take while walking out and about neutralises negativity, then that really has got to be a good thing for myself and the earth beneath my feet.


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