Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Heal you, heal the planet

Everything that requires healing on this planet starts with us doing an evaluation of our own lives. For instance, a person may want to contribute to the healing of and care for the planet by participating in beach clean-ups, but their efforts may be futile if they are not willing to clean up their own garbage which flows out into the world from their inner world. So when you read an article or hear someone you know bemoan the “state” of things and point the finger at industries for instance, go within and ask yourself what can you personally do to assist change in the direction of the greater good. Typically this requires us to let go of beliefs, thoughts, ideas, thought forms, etc. and that which binds it all together, the emotions, as well as the habits and patterns that are generated. By doing the inner clean-up on themselves, that person who attends the beach clean-up can then make real contribution to the healing of the planet with maximum positive results. To give an example in my own life, I used to listen to music that “sounded good”, but as I became consciously aware of the energy – the intent behind the music and of the artist themselves – it was far from positive. And so by cleaning-up my own awareness and perception of music and choosing to only listen to that which serves a greater good I have stopped supporting that which contributed to sound pollution – a spiritual action whose healing affects can be experienced in my own life as well as the planet deep down into its very core. 


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