Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Truth Will Set You Free

When we are completely aligned with our own inner truth, it means we also get to be aware of the truth of everyone and everything, including the clothes on your back through to your internet service provider (ISP). The moment you choose to be consciously aware, the blinders are destroyed and those things that have no place in your life are exposed and the ugly truth revealed. Earlier this year, I had the “pleasure” of my consciousness revealing the truth behind the electric keyboard in my space. For months, the desire to play the piano had disappeared. It was not because I did not desire to play the piano – far from it. But each time I played on that keyboard, I would get lower back pain and cramping in my power chakra, which cut short daily practice. Then one day, in the corner of my eye I could see the source of the problem – a sloth-like thing perched on the keyboard. It was time to kill it and to ditch the keyboard altogether. Everything is energy and so if you start to feel aches or pains when using something, or the fibre internet on your laptop carries on like it’s the days of dial-up on a bad day, do not ignore the signals. Something really is an issue and your inner being will gladly make you aware of what is occurring, and in some cases like mine, your inner being will provide you with the visual truth. There is a reason why our inner beings are very specific about what we allow into our space and our lives. If it does not resonate with your inner being, then that item, thing or person can be used to bring energy into your life that intrudes and disrupts, to say the very least. So called “inanimate objects” are not so inanimate after all. Over the years, clear outs in my space have been frequent and in the last few days, I have become increasingly aware of more that needs to go. Such actions may leave your space sparse and your wardrobe down to a few pairs of drawers quite literally, but that is temporary as look it this way, it’s an opportunity to start afresh and bring into your world only that which belongs in your life. That is also true of any beings in your life that do not belong. Acquiring that which belongs in your life is as easy as accepting what your inner being desires for you, which most certainly takes “the edge off” many things.


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