Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Visualisation

This week, temperatures in England are set to top almost 40°C. The last few weeks has seen a flurry in the purchasing of fans to deal with the summer highs. However, there is a more efficient way of dealing with the heat which requires a good ol’ dose of visualisation or imagination. So if it’s hot where you are, sit yourself down somewhere cool, if possible, and visualise a block of ice in the middle of the room. Visualise it lowering the temperatures substantially in your space to a level that is comfortable to you and your family – sit with that visual for sometime and notice how your own temperament changes and the reflexes in your form starts to change. If you love swimming, then you may even want to visualise yourself swimming in an infinity pool of cool water or a natural pool on an idyllic island or place would like to vacation in. Or perhaps visualise yourself in an ice hotel. Whatever works for you that helps you cool down, visualise it. Not only will it cool you down, but it’s also fun and gets your creative juices flowing. Visualisation is one of the keys to manifestation, and can be used to manifest everything and anything that belongs in your life, including some respite from the summer highs.

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