Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Integration

Everything we do, as spiritual beings, is spiritual. The minutiae of everyday life – everything from going grocery shopping, changing nappies, washing dishes, taking the dog out for a walk, vacuuming, making a meal, etc. – all of these things have a spiritual base. Why’s that, you may ask? Because our every waking or sleeping moment is under the guidance of our very own spiritual being, therefore there is nothing in our lives that is not spiritual. So when we talk about integrating our spirituality into our everyday lives, it is a lot easier than one may at first perceive. Of course, our daily lives may also involve meditation, using affirmations, doing rituals of sorts, going for nature walks, chanting, or any number of things to develop our relationship with our higher self. However, it is important to note that we are equally developing that relationship as we head out to go grocery shopping – the information on which aisle to head for, which brand of milk, what household cleaner to buy that is environmentally friendly – all of this information is provided by the higher mind in the moment. And while vacuuming the stairs, it is the higher mind that assesses how to get the task done in the quickest time possible and with the best results so you can get on with something you do enjoy doing. When we approach life from the awareness that everything we do is spiritual, mindfulness becomes the norm rather than fleeting moments.


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