Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Success

Do you get flashes of inspiration, start something, and then leave what you’ve started somewhere over there collecting dust? The reason why the idea came up in the first place was not only because it was a great idea but because whatever you were creating was something that serves a greater good. If this is something that you’ve experienced, ask yourself why did you stop? It’s more than likely that you were talked out of it by outside interferences and influences questioning the validity of what you were doing and its success. Success is personal. It has nothing to do with the world outside of you. It has everything to do with the world within you. So if your inner being is directing you to create something, its success is not measured by who picks it up or its popularity, but by the fact that you created it in the first place and saw it through from start to finish. Remember it’s your energy that matters, and whatever you put your energy  behind serves a purpose. And if you love what you are doing and it brings you joy, then it is the energy of love and joy that is going out into the world, and that is exactly what the planet needs right now. So perhaps now is the time to “dust down” or remove your butt from what you started all that time ago and get cracking once again. 


One response to “Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Success”

  1. Thank you. Needed to hear this 💗

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