Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Impact

The impact of our actions is far and wide. As individuals guided by our intuitive awareness, we take actions that serve the greater good. That greater good encompasses not just our own lives but the lives of the world around us and the planet too. If one chooses to take an action that is not based on their intuitive awareness, then that too has an impact albeit negatively which impacts as many lives as positive change does. If there are things in the world around you that are not how they should be, that is not to dwell on, but instead go inwards and ask to be shown the change you need to make in your own life to assist the wider world, the planet. If you notice clothes spewing out of the one recycled bin near your home, what changes can you make? Create a capsule wardrobe? Buy better quality products that are made sustainably and from natural fibres? Take better care of your clothes? Or perhaps make your own clothes? There are numerous options available, but the one that is going to be the best choice for you is that which comes from within you. This is how we as individuals change things and the great thing about it is that that one action creates a chain of positive changes around the world. So one person really does have the power to make a difference 

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