Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Eliminate

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you want something and know that it belongs to you, yet an energy is doing its damndest to pull you back or impede your forward momentum? That energy for some may come up as a belief, a thought, a feeling, or whatever other kind of nasty that hollers at you. You know it doesn’t belong to you and you know it’s not your truth, yet then why the resistance? You may want to ask your higher self at this point whether there is something in your subconscious that is generating said response. If there isn’t, that’s good. If there is, then time to eliminate the root. You may have, over the years, been working diligently to clean up your subconscious of the garbage – the lies, the illusions, etc. – and have made numerous inroads in cleaning up the doo-doo. Now what’s coming up is not so much the stubborn or the sticklers, but rather the stuff that has been hiding. You’re likely in a different place from where you were say five years ago, last year, or yesterday even, and so now you can come at this from your truth – hunt down the root, pull it out, eliminate it, and always replace it with a positive affirmation, a reflection of what you want for your life or a truth about yourself. Remember that when you find the root, it’s not to be put under a microscopic lens, dissected, analysed, and then “filed” in a “mental” laboratory. It’s to be eliminated period. This is what it means to let go and to move forward with freedom. The goal is to have a “clean house” and the key is to be persistent until your house is spotless.

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