Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Simple

Everything in life is designed to be simple, because that is how the Divine Source created it to be. Even when we are dealing with “complex” situations we may find ourselves in, the solution is always going to be a simple one. That is also true of accepting and acknowledging one’s true self. Embracing your true self does not necessarily require you to delve deep within to “find yourself”. It’s much simpler and easier than that and more instant too. Accepting your true self, embracing your true self, trusting your true self, and acknowledging your true self requires one thing of you and that is an action. Let’s put it in crude terms: when you wake up in the morning, who do you want to guide you? The loud voice behind a slur or derogatory comment about you, or your inner being? So you choose your inner being, that is an action. Next, you take a deep breath and attune to your inner voice, that is another action. Your higher mind intuitively directs you to put your laptop on and start writing, and so proceed – again, an action. Then an obnoxious voice intrudes with a profanity about what you’re doing. You hear it, only you don’t stop what you are doing, you continue on as intuitively guided – that again is an action. As you continue to write, you sense an energy attempting to pull you energetically away from what you are doing, so you stop and go inwards and state to higher mind: “show me what I need to be aware of” – another action followed by a higher mind-directed solution to get you energetically back to where you need to be, which you once again take action on. In the above scenario, you’ve demonstrated to your true self – that you trust her/him, have embraced her/him, as well as acknowledged and accepted her/him – simply by taking a course of actions that are aligned with who you are on a Soul level. As simple as it sounds, that is really all there is to it and what is required from moment-to-moment in our lives. It is also what it means to be committed to yourself, your true self. To know who you are, you have to be willing to be who you truly are in every given moment, and by cultivating a perfect partnership with your true self moment-by-moment, you open yourself up to discovering more about who you truly are.

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