Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Divine Right

You may or may not be presently undergoing a major “house clearing” of spiritual, physical, energetic kinds. Those things that you have allowed in to your world that do not belong are getting shoved out – that includes everything from clothes, electronics, people, things, places, energies, etc. Such changes may, for some, have been ongoing for years, and for others, it may appear to have been overnight with their intuitive awareness kicking in to say “not touching that”, “get it out”, or “enough already”. If this is new to you then don’t be alarmed by what is happening as it’s simply your true self taking charge of their life. Yes that’s right: “their life”. Some have spent years making choices and decisions based on something or someone outside of themselves – that thought, that feeling or the opinion of a friend or family member. When you have a choice or decision to make, where do you go for the right choice for you? That choice always comes from within you, and only your true self has the right to make that choice, it is their Divine Right as it were. The concept of “free will” comes up here, because free will has taught that we are “free to choose”. However, how many times has exerting so called “free will” got you where you needed to be? Or let me rephrase that, how many times has “free will” landed you in the dumpster? The “house clearing” that you may or may not be currently undergoing is a result of exerting “free will” and what it creates in your world. So then how do you break the cycle and stop allowing outside interferences or influences in? By accepting and acknowledging that the form you are and the life, both of these belong to your true self. From that point onwards, life changes in positive ways as you no longer go into battle with yourself nor with what you know to be true.

2 responses to “Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind Body & Soul: Divine Right”

  1. love the header image and insights


    1. Rosalind Medea Avatar
      Rosalind Medea

      Thank you 🙂


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