Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind, Body & Soul: Gifts

Each of us are born onto this planet because there is something that each of us have that the planet requires. What qualities you are drawn to in nature is also that which is strong in you too. You’ve likely heard the expression “like energy attracts like energy” and while it is typically used when referring to a person or a being, it is also true of our interactions with the planet. Next time you’re indoors watering your houseplants or outside in the garden, ask yourself which qualities in nature most resonates with you and then ask Mother Nature what she requires of you. For instance, if you are inspired by nature and find hanging out with the various wildlife playful, a pleasure and a joy, then this is more than likely what Mother Nature requires of you. So what does that look like in you? Being playful, being an inspiration, making yourself smile, and embracing the healing arts, for example. That’s not to say that these are the only qualities that you and Mother Nature have in common, because there’s more, much more to you and much more to her. But the greatest gift you can give to Mother Nature, is usually the one that is strong in you and comes most natural to you.

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