Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind, Body & Soul: Inner Truth

To walk our path, we must be able to discern that which is true and that which is false, period. Since birth, we have been bombarded by falsehoods about who we are and what our purpose is by way of projections designed with one purpose – to control. This onslaught of BS keeps coming and showing up only until you realise that whatever it is telling you or making you feel is false and has nothing to do with who you are. From that point on you stand in your power and guess what, that line of BS stops because you’ve stopped feeding it and “believing” it. But who believed it to be true in the first place? Certainly not you, not your true self. Part of the issue has been not questioning what is coming at us. Our true selves are the original “detectives” – the truth seekers, the investigators – to know the truth of everything we must first know our own truth, and our true selves know exactly who they are. Which brings me to another question: why would you (yes you, the true self) “believe” anything false about yourself or more to the point, stop and pay attention to the lies being told about you? This is what it means to know who you are, to be self-aware and to realise that nothing coming at you is true, and the only thing that is true is that which is coming from within you. It is that easy. And so once again it comes back to perception and the awareness that you honestly do know who you are and accepting the fact that you honestly do know who you are.

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