Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind, Body & Soul: Inner Fire

Beltane Blessings everyone! May Day, otherwise known as Beltane, marks the beginning of summer and honours fertility and creation. Since Beltane is synonymous with the start of the summer, it is celebrated with the lighting of fires. Fire represents numerous things – energy, passion, purification, destruction, creativity, willpower, to name but a few. Our very own fire, that being our inner fire serves many purposes in our lives. It is what both inspires and motivates us, it adds fuel to our energy, power and magick, it helps us reach our goals, it aids in the healing process, it illuminates and shines a light on what we need to be aware of, and it too can destroy that which causes harm or is in the way of our progress. May Day is a perfect opportunity to reflect and to ask yourself if you are utilising your inner fire? Or is it being impeded in some way due to outdated ways of looking at your life and what you can achieve? Our inner fire speaks volumes about who we are and what we are capable of. If what you are doing is a reflection of your truth then your inner fire will be shining bright and you will have the energy to do all of the things you are intuitively guided to do. Last year I sat down to write a fiction book, the idea of which came to me many years ago. At the end of last year I said to myself: “let’s do this”. And every night I sat down and wrote a chapter and did not stop until each chapter was done. I got it done just like that. To say I was on fire was an understatement. Truth is, we all have that capability within us and when something belongs to our inner being, it is going to get done and at speed because just like fire, our inner fire doesn’t wait around and when it’s burning, it burns until it’s done. Is there something that you have a “burning desire” to do? If so, that’s your inner fire telling you “let’s rock’n’roll”. Honour your inner fire this Beltane by taking an action that fuels it. If there is something spiritually blocking the pursuit of your goals, you can call upon your inner fire to destroy it, and then reconnect with your passions and what truly inspires you.

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