Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind, Body & Soul: Freedom

It is the warrior aspect of self, working in tandem with all other aspects of self, which saves our asses all day long everyday. Being a mother or being a teacher, for instance, requires us to be many things including the caregiver, the healer, the problem solver, as well as the warrior. Issues arise only when one attempts to identify with certain aspects of self while disassociating with others. For instance, the mother is not exclusive of the warrior and the warrior is not exclusive of the healer. To deconstruct oneself puts one at a disservice and creates imbalance in one’s life. To be the best we can be in life, we must be willing to embrace the whole and without judgement. We have to accept all that we are and all that we can be. Freedom grants us the right to be whoever we want to be and to shift in order to deal with whatever is required of us in any given moment, which brings us to the statement: “I am that I am”. As “liberating” and “freeing” as that statement may appear, it is a fact of our very existence especially since we were born free and with our freedom intact. By dropping self-imposed labels, we embrace our reality and are able to function at full capacity and to our full capabilities. 

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