Medea’s Weekly Tonic for Mind, Body & Soul: Fluidity

Energy is fluid and since each and everyone of us is energy, that too makes us fluid. That awareness will shine a light this week on areas of your life that have perhaps become stagnant or inflexible. Are there things that you are doing based upon the beliefs, thoughts, fears and expectations that had your life running on auto-pilot? If this is the case, then stop what you are doing and state to your inner being: “this belongs to you”. Having this inner dialogue will help you to ascertain if you have fallen into the trap of doing things because that’s how you’ve “always done them” or doing what is expected of you by others, rather than following your truth. Your inner being will then be able to show you the creative solution and the steps to take to get there. Quite often we’re sitting on the solution, and so the changes required are simple and easy. Our inner beings are the infinite source of passion and inspiration, all of which flows through everything we do, adds fuel to the flow in-and-of itself, and helps us adapt easily to change. By removing the “boxes” that has energy fenced-in, you will then be able to redirect your energy into endeavours that cultivate joy and facilitate fluidity in your life.

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