Embracing the change that’s here now and on the way

As one embraces one’s true self, there are numerous changes on the horizon. We may become consciously aware of these changes through energetic shifts. For instance, the desire to do something that you have done for years is no longer present. This is simply an indication that your inner being has other interests that she or he would like to explore.

In recent weeks, months even, the desire to write on the subject material for one of my blogs was missing. For those of you who follow Life & Soul Magazine will know that the focus has been on sustainable lifestyle and living. Since I started that blog, the world has become a different place and sustainable lifestyle and living has become the norm once again. And in all honesty, as much as I enjoy exploring and investigating or researching and writing, my inner fire required a “different fuel” by way of subject matter, one that is aligned with my truth.

As I was researching for my Tune of the Day series, the George Benson tune “Shape Of Things To Come” came up on my radar. A fine instrumental tune that I found myself boogeying too, however boogeying aside, it touched my heart and I was made aware to shake off the old and be true to myself. I knew instantly it was to do with what I have been writing about all this time. And I knew exactly what I needed to replace it with – the subject matter that did belong to my higher mind and soul and is the right fuel for my inner fire. This was hardly a revelation, however the combination of that George Benson track and the same awareness once again was the push that I needed to instigate the change and make it happen.

This reminded me of a person I interviewed for an article who is a successful entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. At the height of one of his bars being successful, he decided to pack up shop and move on to new creative ventures. That energy he displayed really inspired me. It inspired me because that energy is within me too. Ultimately, we have to love what we do and do what we love. And what he did was follow his heart, regardless of the response of those who loved his bar and could not fathom why he would do such a thing at the height of its success.

It also serves as a reminder to anyone and everyone that our choices should reflect who we are as Souls. What I have described above from my own experience with my blog was the right tool (writing), just required more of the right material (entertainments and storytelling).

Change is always a good thing as it makes us look in the mirror and be more of who we truly are. It also facilitates the need to redirect energy away from things becoming stale or that which has become stagnant. By being open to change in our lives it helps us to know when a mission has been fulfilled, to let go, end on a good note, and start a new chapter. Being open to change enables us to deal when a block or obstacle is thrown on our path, and how best to deal with that.

That said, I will be making changes to the blog here too. If there are changes that you need to make in your own life, be bold and know that those changes, as directed by heart, higher mind and soul, will free up some much needed time and energy that you can put towards that which brings you joy, serves your greater good and the wider world.

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  1. Thank you Rosalind. For everything


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