Learning To Go With The Flow

You’ve likely heard the expression “go with the flow” and this is very accurate of life. In order to “go with the flow”, we must be attuned to the rhythm of our inner being – the higher mind and true self. If one is not “going with the flow”, then their life is going to fall short not just in some areas of their life but all areas, given that everything is connected. So what does that look like exactly? Let’s give an example and I’m going to use storytelling to illustrate this…

Female A does graphic design. She gets the intuitive awareness to buy some new software and to create a design. She takes the action and once she has completed the design, she uploads it to her website. That night she goes to bed and has a dream. When she wakes up the next morning, she writes down her dream in a dream journal. As she writes, she realises she has an idea for a new design. 

Later that day, she opens up her laptop and begins working on the new design. Then a friend calls on her mobile phone. They speak for 20 minutes during which time her friend mentions a TV series she watched on Netflix. Once Female A gets off the phone, rather than carrying on where she left off with her new design idea, she puts the TV on and starts watching the series. Although she checked in with her higher mind to ask if the series was something of interest and she did get the intuitive “thumbs up”, Female A didn’t check if watching it at that precise moment in time was ok. And so the design didn’t happen when it should have. 

Two days later Male A gets on his laptop and does a search for lion illustrations. He’s looking for a new image that he can incorporate into a logo. Meanwhile, Female A has just started on her latest design, which is taking shape to be a lion. Male A’s Google search pulls up Female A’s graphic design portfolio website. He likes what he sees and so he searches her website to see if there’s any lion designs. There isn’t currently so he bookmarks her website and moves on. Eventually he finds a lion illustration on a different website, purchases it for £20 and gets to work on his new logo. 

The next day Female A uploads her lion design. She has a bill due that day for £18.59 and currently has £2.57 in her bank account. She calls the bill issuer to explain the situation. That evening Female A’s boyfriend Male B is meant to come for dinner. He sends her a text message to say he’s been held up at work and asks if they can reschedule. Female A decides to sit and eat the meal she prepared in front of the TV, and proceeds to finish off watching the remaining episodes of the series her friend recommended. By the time she finishes watching the series it’s “late” and so goes to sleep. 

Female A wakes up and gets a call from her sister inviting her for dinner that evening. She takes up the invitation without asking her higher mind and goes along. She sits at the dinner table and her stomach starts to rumble loudly. She’s just finished off a 3-course meal so it’s clearly not a sign that she’s hungry. Only her power chakra is under attack by her family members, none of whom have had anything positive to say to Female A at the dinner table. They proceed to mock her choice of career and her boyfriend. Female A leaves the family home drained energetically. She phones her boyfriend who has gone to his cousin’s house to eat dinner. His cousin is not even someone he likes, but he said yes to the offer for some unfathomable reason that Male B can’t even explain. Male B says to his girlfriend that he will come over to her home. But when he gets into the car to make the drive to hers, his stomach starts to hurt and so he pulls over, gets out of the car, and vomits. He drives the short distance home and crashes out on his sofa.

When Male B does not show up to Female A’s home, she’s concerned since his phone is switched off and he’s not picking up the landline either. Making the connection to her higher mind, she is guided to energetically clear and protect. Once the energetic work is complete, Female A is guided to move on to the next step. But rather then check to see what the next step is, she goes to bed.

Female A wakes up and realises her workload is piling up. She has an assignment due that day and so gets busy. She is distracted however as she has been experiencing soreness in her throat area since her evening with the family. She’s also had bouts of constipation for weeks too. 

Female A sits at the breakfast table and meditates as she sips her coffee. Her higher mind gives her a visual of a beautiful garden with a lake – only the lake has dried up in parts. There too is a stagnant body of water, which is giving off a stench and has become polluted.  

Female A’s higher mind explains that due to the choices she has been making without the higher mind, and the beings she has been interacting with, none of whom aside from her boyfriend matter to her higher mind, she has been going against her own flow, which in-and-of itself has caused issues in both her inner and outer worlds.

The purpose of this story is to show how choices made without the inner being impacts one’s life and disrupts the flow. For each of us, our flow belongs to our higher mind and true self, and so “going with the flow” as an expression, is truthfully about following our inner guidance system. When choices are made without the inner guidance system, the disruptions and havoc it causes is a like Female A’s. All aspects of Female A’s life were impacted by her choices – career, relationship, finances and health – and so to were the lives of her boyfriend and Male A, both of whom belonged to her higher mind. 

So how do we correct those moments of going against the flow in our own lives? By being intentional about our higher minds and true selves being in complete control of our lives and our every action. When we persistently and consistently choose our higher minds and true selves and act on our intentions, our lives begin to take shape and form organically as they should, because from that point onwards we are truthfully and truly “going with the flow”.

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