Nurturing your inner garden to create your outer reality

Taking walks in nature, we marvel at the strength of the trees, the scent of the flowers, and smile as various wildlife graces us with their presence, but what do you become aware of as you take a stroll in the wilds or in the park? Does it at any point in time make you aware of your own inner garden?

Each of us have an inner garden, if it were, and what walks in nature also remind us of is to look within to our very own inner garden. This is the place where we create from. It is from within, in our inner garden where our ideas are birthed, and our foundations are built upon.

When you take the time to sit down, relax and go within, you will find that your world within is exactly how it is meant to be. You will see there is no “starting from scratch” – as you will see the life that belongs to you is yours already because that is your birthright. What is required, as with anything in life, is to nurture what is yours already which is where spiritual and magickal practices come in. 

So if you find yourself in the physical world believing that you need to start from scratch with something, before you take a physical action, go within. Ask your higher mind to show you your inner truth. You will likely find that what you believe you need you have already. Let’s take the example of learning an instrument or a  language. You have a strong knowing that this is the instrument that you want to play or that is the language that you desire to speak. If you go within, you will find that you have already perfected playing that instrument and you speak, read and write fluently in the language you are needing to be adept in physically. Why’s that, you may ask? That’s because both of those things belong to your inner being, which is why you had the desire to play that instrument or to communicate said language in the first place. You are simply becoming reacquainted with what belongs. What is required physically, is that you practice and nurture those skills you already have daily. What that looks like maybe playing the instrument and composing music, speaking the language and perhaps writing prose in that language. You will note that by you taking the physical action, it is also occurring simultaneously on the spiritual and vice versa. Hence the expression “walking in both worlds at the same time”.

As you journey into your inner garden daily and learn more about yourself, your true self, you will likely find that you have already been doing much of what belongs to you, only that you were looking at what you were doing through the wrong lens. There has been an emphasis on looking outside of ourselves to shape who we are, squeezing ourselves into a box to fit in to how society does things, and the belief that we need another being or a community to be able to do things and make things work, or to be working for an organisation to do what we are here to do – all of which is incorrect. Each of us are independent, self-sufficient beings, who need only to rely on the inner guidance system that is our higher mind and true self to guide us. That is not to say that we don’t interact with other beings or an organisation, but truthfully we aren’t reliant on them for anything, since we already have all that we need within us, and nor are we distracted by what others are doing because theirs is neither our path nor our truth.

When we nurture the connection to our inner being daily, we disconnect from how society does things and find joy in what we do and what we have, and so our inner reality becomes our outer reality.

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