Tarot Tales: My journey combining storytelling and tarot to write a series of fiction short stories

Some of you know me as an intuitive reader and some as a writer. Truth is, I do both and much more. One of my most recent writing projects is a fiction book called Tarot Tales Vol I: The Major Arcana. The book follows the journeys of Leo, a charming Italian teen born-and-raised in London, and the people in and around his life. The 19-year-old is having psychic visions and doesn’t know how to control them. He’s introduced to a beautiful, wise woman called Estrellar, who has always followed her intuition except for this one time, when she chose the wrong man. Now in her 50s, married to that same man and with two grown adult sons, will she honour her heart and soul’s choice a second-time round with her dear old friend, Juan? And how will Lima, the young woman Estrellar has come to regard as her own daughter and who is now having her own personal crisis as she finds herself drawn to Leo 10-years her junior, feel about the situation?

Tarot Tales: The Major Arcana is part of a five-volume series of books which spans 78 tarot cards, 78 short stories, 5 places in the world, and follows the intertwined lives of the main protagonists. The fictional short stories follows characters as they navigate their lives – showing how their lives unravel around a situation they find themselves dealing with, the people they encounter, the positives, the negatives and the outcomes. Each story corresponds to a Tarot card and incorporates life lessons from the tarot within each tale. 

I came up with the idea for Tarot Tales at a time when I was reacquainting myself with the tarot and its teachings. Writing the book, was a way for me to refamiliarise myself with my inner guidance system’s interpretations of the cards whilst combining it with a role I’m most familiar with, that of a storyteller or bard. Through storytelling or edutainment as I often like to call it, Tarot Tales Vol I: The Major Arcana was also a way for me to share with everyone, not just counselling clients, the importance of following one’s inner guidance system and one’s heart in life.

We all have choices in life. By making a choice with heart and soul, we honour the life that truly belongs to us. Each time we choose with heart and soul, we impact our lives in positive ways that serves our greater good and the world around us. For every choice we make in life that is not from our heart and soul, it too has an impact, although a negative one. That impact not only affects our own lives but also the lives of those around us. Taking a wrong turn always impacts negatively, no matter how much a person attempts to dress it up or package it as “good” or “ok” even. That being because if one is not making a heart and soul choice, then they are lying to themselves.

In Tarot Tales Vol I: The Major Arcana, it was equally important to show readers what happens when the characters make wrong choices as it was to show the outcomes of positive choices. There are characters in the book who have made wrong choices, followed their heads rather than their hearts and inner guidance systems, been influenced by someone else’s beliefs, or harboured secrets that interfered with their own inner peace and harmony and that of those around them. There too are characters whose intentions are to do harm to persons, some of whom are family members.

Tarot Tales Vol I: The Major Arcana is a book about relationships of all kinds with significant others, friends, family, career, Mother Nature and the environment, and life itself. The relationship that the book seeks to show as being the most important that the characters can ever have is the one with themself or true self. Ultimately the choices we make in life are based upon our own inner truth. When we make the choice that belongs to our true self, then we are making the right choice. And if we are making a choice that belongs to anyone or anything but our true self, then we are making the wrong choice and a choice based on a lie.

One theme I also found important to explore in Tarot Tales Vol I: The Major Arcana is that where the characters have their fingers in many pies. This was to show that none of us are one-dimensional beings, but unique beings with a vast and varied skillset that can be applied to anything and everything that we have an interest in. All of the characters in Tarot Tales Vol I: The Major Arcana are independent, self-sufficient and their own bosses, demonstrating that no matter how hard one tries to make it, the only “job” you can ever truly enjoy is the one you create yourself that is aligned with your path. I say that because at the start of my own writing career I found myself working as an employee in the creative industries, yet my creativity had never been so stifled as there were “corporate restrictions and control”.

I had a blast writing Tarot Tales Vol I: The Major Arcana as in spite of some of the serious subject matter, it was an opportunity to make light of situations and bring humour into the storytelling. This serves to remind readers that while life can and does get challenging, the ability to laugh at oneself and to make light of situations is important, just as is gratitude, to any healing process to be able to let go and move forward.  

Finally I also wanted to share about how smooth the writing process was by letting go of everything and anything that didn’t belong to my true self. I didn’t know anything about where the plot was going and who some of the characters were until I sat down to write it in the moment. That said, I was able to maintain a strong connection to my inner guidance system throughout, often sitting down and writing for hours all the way through the night and into the morning. I first had the idea for this book seven years ago, at a time in my life when there was lot of stuff going on mainly because of choosing the “monkey mind” rather than my inner guidance system, an issue that is also explored in Tarot Tales Vol I: The Major Arcana. This was also a reminder that nothing can stop what is your destiny, it may be delayed only by dithering and playing with your own worse enemy, but ultimately when you get out of your own way and commit to your truth, everything comes naturally.

Tarot Tales Vol I: The Major Arcana by Rosa Medea is available to purchase on Kindle from the Kindle Store. It will also be available in paperbook and on other devices soon.

5 responses to “Tarot Tales: My journey combining storytelling and tarot to write a series of fiction short stories”

  1. Congratulations
    Lovely post. Can’t wait to read the book …is it available somewhere yet?

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  2. Thank you. Yes, it’s on Kindle currently: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09PL89GKL/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_TSRM5DJTXZMG8KJWA9CZ

    It will be available on other formats soon

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    1. No kindle for me. I’ll just have to wait…

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      1. Ok, I’m working on a print version and other distribution so will let you know when that’s ready

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      2. Thank you so much. Looking forward to that


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