Accepting the Magick That You Are

Bringing some freshness into my office space, I moved some furniture round this week and after various spots around the room, my boston fern houseplant settled near my desk on top of a cabinet. As close as rubbing shoulders this time round, she had some firm words to say to me as I sat at my desk with a reporter’s notepad taking notes.

I was reminded of the time when I put the houseplant in the bathroom for moisture’s sake, since boston ferns are known to thrive in moist conditions. “That was a mistake,” as my houseplant informed me, because the next morning as I ran down to the bathroom, her protruding leaves had fallen flank. Not only that, I could see sword-like darts coming at me as any member of the sword fern family would naturally do when opposed to their fronds having been displaced somewhere they don’t want to be. First lesson learned.

See there are many things in our lives that are there to support our endeavours, if we stop and take the time to acknowledge their presence. The plant’s purpose in my life is to support me in numerous ways – to purify the air, for protection, for chinwags over a spritz-er, to inspire, to provide me with a natural and nurturing space to support my writings, to remind me of my true nature, and much more. As much as my houseplant is there to support me, I too am there to support her to flourish and thrive. And so there is certainly much more to it than its lush green exterior.

As our telepathic conversation progressed, my houseplant reminded me of the fact that I can converse with her, be aware of its nurturing presence, and see her energetically shake her fronds and boogie when there’s good tunes in the house, that I am aware of the magick around me. She then continued: “You do realise it takes a magickal being to do that, right? Like magickal being-to-magickal being huh?”. Not the first magickal being to point out that denial. After some meditative moments, it dawned on me that that disbelief in magick left over by the fallen monkey mind had not been addressed and was attempting to hide in the very wilds that it didn’t believe in. How asinine? Something went poof and as with all aha moments, I simply just settled into myself and accepted the truth about magick and my own truth as a magickal being.

As Divine Beings we too are magickal beings. Everything that was created by the One/the Divine Source is magickal. When you can accept that you are magick, you have accepted your true self wholeheartedly. If you are reading this and perceiving me to be “barmy”, then it’s more than likely that you have yet to accept your true nature, the magick within you, and the very essence that keeps you alive. And if you are reading this and your true self is on board with this, you do believe in magick.

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