Learning is True Self-Taught

I was listening to a radio show recently about the animation industry and the term “self-taught” popped up in relation to an animator who was learning his craft via YouTube videos and other open-source materials. It caught my attention for a number of reasons because essentially self-taught is about individuals taking complete control of their lives and following their dreams.

This way of being is most prolific amongst the younger generation who, fully-equipped with this energy, are grabbing the “bull by its horns” so to speak and simply going for it. What you then have is massive numbers of self-aware, self-made, self-sufficient individuals who are giving it their all and making things their own. The driving force behind this quest for knowledge – be it via YouTube videos, other open-source materials or any other sources of information – is that individual’s true self.

Have you noticed that when you look at something or read something it seems familiar? That’s because it is familiar. The reason why you are looking at it in the first place is because it belongs to your true self.

Each of us are born our true-self, skilled-up to the nines with everything we need to know and to fulfill our purpose, ensuring that we are applying our natural talents, skills, abilities and magick in a way that is always beneficial to the planet. So back to the radio show about animation and the “self-taught” animator, his true self took him on a hunt for materials to refamiliarise himself with what he already knew and to then develop the skills he already had. But ultimately, the animator already has the knowledge within him and these materials serve merely as a tool to remind him of his true self and what he is capable of doing and achieving. A “rejogging of the memory” if you want to call it that.

We never stop learning and truth be told, each and every single one of us are self-taught because ultimately the real learning comes from within and we continue to learn in our every moment. Only you can teach you about you. And only you can teach you what you need to know, what you are here to do, and how to do it.

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