“What’s my purpose?”. This is a question I often get asked by clients who come to me for counselling. “What were you passionate about as a kid?” I often reply. Some stumble over that question and others take a moment followed by a knowing. 

I’ve also noticed that many times I’ve been asked that question, the client expects an answer that is exclusively related to their career. Sure, your life’s purpose does include a career, but a career alone is not your reason for being here on this reality nor is it your reason for existing either. So then perhaps why beings struggle with their life’s purpose is because of their perception of what “purpose” is.

You are a living, breathing, talking exemplar of your life’s purpose or path. For instance, those who have chosen the path of a healer, they don’t get to take an hour lunch break or elevensies away from their purpose. To heal comes natural to them from the time they wake up, to the time they go to sleep and oh yeah, even during slumbertime. And so truthfully the path of a healer and healing has neither a beginning nor an end – it’s always “switched on” so to speak. They are walking their path in every given moment – whether they are taking a shower and cleansing their physical form of dirt physically and energetically of all energies that don’t belong to them, going for nature walks, assisting the planet by planting a tree, laying on the grass in the sun soaking up some Vitamin D while striking star poses, preparing a meal that nourishes their physical form, laughing their asses off at some comedy show, meditating, chanting, and helping others who are on their own journeys. You will notice that a majority of these things are forms of self-healing, after all, in order to fulfill one’s life purpose, a healer must walk their talk. And that is true of all life paths – whether you have chosen to be a healer, a teacher, a warrior or an innovator.

No two paths are ever the same nor look the same. We are all energy first and foremost – how we channel our energy is unique to each of us and different for each of us. You get to choose how that energy is channelled and through which “outlets” so to speak – those channels being the ones that are most natural to you and complement your gifts, talents and magick. For example, Healer A’s path may also incorporate the role of a midwife, while Healer B’s path may use the healing arts in its various guises. 

While a being may have chosen the life path of a healer, that is not exclusive of anything else. At any moment during their everyday existence, they may be required to get their warrior on to deal with life’s challenges, bring the teacher out to handle a client, or call upon their innovator to problem solve. These natural abilities or instincts all exist within them too – an inherent part of their true self. 

At its crux, a being’s life purpose is about serving the greater good of the planet they inhabit. We are all connected and so whatever we do for oneself, we are in tandem doing it for the wider planet and native beings too. And so your life path or life’s purpose is much wider and has a far reaching impact. When you understand your life path, it becomes a lot easier to settle into your true self, to simply be and to walk your path effortlessly and flawlessly.

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