Tune of the Day for Tuesday 6 April 2021: Love Is More Than A Wedding Day by Cody ChesnuTT

Cody ChesnuTT’s Love Is More Than A Wedding Day is a message today to release all that you know and think you know about love and all aspects of life, so that your inner being’s awareness of love and life can permeate your existence. Human concepts of life based upon the external and the superficial are not relevant to your inner being, and never have been. When our awareness of our true selves gets stronger, we are able to see ourselves in our true form and to experience the love that emanates from our very own being. When you hit that note, there is a newfound love of self that expands your awareness of love to be a reflection of your true self.

Tune of the Day is a music divinatory series brought to you by Unicornity

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