Tune of the Day for Wednesday 31 March 2021: Love & War by Amp Fiddler

Your inner warrior is being called upon today to take a stand for what you believe in and what you stand for. Taking a stand more often than not requires us to fight against opposing negative and nasty forces. And so Amp Fiddler’s Love & War comes as a reminder today that “you got to stand for something, or you fall for anything”. As the lyrics go: “You got to stand for something, [Free, Free, Free], Or you fall for anything, [Stand for something, Fall for anything], Don’t fall baby…Cause I believe we can change the world…Love is on my mind, Love, Love is all that we need…We need love, love, love, love and peace, Happiness, Harmony, Unity.” Keep up the good fight, as it were.

Tune of the Day is a music divinatory series brought to you by Unicornity

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